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PEPPOL Starter Kit Launched to Spur Adoption and Ease Implementation

by Enrique Vich created on 19/01/2012 06:25

The first edition of a Starter Kit has been released to ease implementation of PEPPOL solutions. The Starter Kit includes information about the operational, technical and legal aspects of the PEPPOL project. In particular, it focuses on the piloting process, starting from initial engagement to implementation and conformance to the PEPPOL specifications. It will be updated regularly as needed.



“The Starter Kit will be a valuable tool for those considering to implement PEPPOL solutions, as well as those who have already made up their minds to go forward,” says AndrĂ© Hoddevik, PEPPOL Project Director.  “This is the first comprehensive document giving an introduction to piloting the complete set of PEPPOL solutions. It will be supplemented with more detailed descriptions on how to implement specific PEPPOL solutions, but already now the Starter Kit provides implementers with sufficient information to get going.”


The Starter Kit is composed of six sections:


Section 1 -- a high-level overview of PEPPOL, its vision, components and standards.


Section 2 -- an in-depth view of the types of PEPPOL pilots being sought, the specific criteria defined for pre- and post-award scenarios, and the benefits of piloting the PEPPOL solutions.


­Section 3 -- the structure of the PEPPOL project, the rationale behind the PEPPOL specifications, the connection to the CEN BII profiles, and the long-term benefits of process alignment adoption; includes information about each PEPPOL component (the Virtual Company Dossier, eCatalogue, eSignature Validation, eOrder, and eInvoice) and their associated processes are illustrated, as well as a short description of the PEPPOL Document Transport Infrastructure (eDelivery) solution and how to connect to this.


Section 4 -- a practical view of the PEPPOL testing and validation process, including conformance criteria for the pre- and post-award components and the PEPPOL transport infrastructure.


Section 5 -- description of the PEPPOL Governance Model, details about national vs. regional coordination, and links to the appropriate legal agreements.


Section 6 -- technical requirements, the various approaches for achieving technical and operational capability, and checklists defined for specific PEPPOL pilot roles including an outline of the pilot engagement and on-boarding process, ongoing support, and a link to the PEPPOL sign-up form.


Finally, there is a brief overview of the Open e.PRIOR project of the European Commission. 


PEPPOL is currently completing user-friendly web pages for implementers on “How To” connect to PEPPOL in various ways, and these will soon be published to provide more technical information and guidance to complement the Starter Kit.


The PEPPOL Implementation and Support Unit (ISU) is available to support implementers in order to decide the scope of their implementation projects, plan their pilot, execute and evaluate it.


If you would like to receive more information or to express your interest in becoming a PEPPOL pilot, please register using the following link: is without obligation, we will just use your registration to contact you to talk about possible participation.




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