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First public and private PEPPOL nodes up and running in Italy

by Wawra, Mike created on 29/08/2011 07:30

Intercent-ER, the regional agency for the electronic markets development of Italy’s region Emilia-Romagna, and Gruppo Tesi, a leading Italian service provider and system integrator, have completed their efforts to establish the first two Access Points (APs) and Service Metadata Publishers (SMPs) in Italy, promoting their adoption during the production pilot phase.

I am pleased to see the establishment of both a public and a private PEPPOL node in Italy. This opens the way for both cross community eProcurement and cross border exchange of PEPPOL defined business documents, and marks an important step forward for PEPPOL in Southern Europe, says PEPPOL’s Project Director André Hoddevik. Both public Contracting Authorities (CAs) and private Economic Operators (EOs) can now access the PEPPOL infrastructure with the support of an Italian partner.
Also the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) – coordinator of the Italian participation in PEPPOL – has expressed appreciation for this major achievement, which fully matches with its efforts for the rationalisation of public expenditures.
For Intercent-ER ( the first production use of the AP/SMP will be to support Intercent-ER’s ongoing post-award pilots, involving many CAs, particularly those belonging to the regional healthcare service. To further boost the use of the infrastructure and the adoption of PEPPOL BIS profiles, the AP/SMP will initially be available to all Italian public entities intending to participate in the current production pilot phase of the project.
Anna Fiorenza, General Manager at Intercent-ER, has been a strong supporter of PEPPOL from the beginning, and “the agency has been working hard to guarantee a rapid growth of the adoption rate of what we see as the best way to create a bigger – European – market, both for Contracting Authorities and Economic Operators, especially SMEs, in Emilia-Romagna.”
Intercent-ER’s AP/SMP has been set up within a partnership with Epoca (, an open source project of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia that has implemented a fully functional open source suite capable of connecting to a PEPPOL Access Point and managing PEPPOL BIS invoices.
Gruppo TESI ( is a leading Italian service provider and system integrator servicing a broad range of companies across the supply chain with specific solutions in addition to their on-demand and outsourcing services.
In 2009, Gruppo TESI promptly answered the call for participation issued by PEPPOL, where service providers were invited to implement the BUSDOX infrastructure and PEPPOL business profiles. Today TESI confirms its commitment in PEPPOL by announcing that their Access Point and Service Metadata Publisher are online and ready for conducting production-oriented pilots.
TESI’s AP supports both the LIME and START protocols from the BUSDOX infrastructure as well as any document syntax (for example UBL) and the complete range of PEPPOL business profiles. Moreover, TESI is preparing the integration with their B2B/EDI platform (e-Integration) to extend PEPPOL usage to potentially all of their customers and peers.
Successful tests
The initial interoperability test has been successfully executed with the Intercent-ER AP as well as other European APs like Sweden’s ESV ( and Denmark’s Electronic Business Pages ( Gruppo TESI’s AP/SMP has been realised in partnership with JAVEST (, an Italian middleware provider specialising in electronic business and promotion of open standards in the Italian marketplace.
About the PEPPOL project
PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is a Large Scale Pilot project under the European Commission Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT-PSP).
Many EU countries use electronic procurement (eProcurement) to make bidding for and satisfying public sector contracts simpler and more efficient. However, these solutions are often implemented as isolated islands within Member States, with limited communication towards other eProcurement communities and cross member state-borders. PEPPOL will enable the connection of existing eProcurement communities, which is essential to allow businesses to bid for public sector contracts anywhere in the EU: an important step towards achieving the Single European Market.
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