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First PEPPOL Virtual Company Dossier created, sent, and approved

by Wawra, Mike created on 18/03/2011 10:35

A couple of days ago the very first two electronic Virtual Company Dossiers (VCD) have been successfully created and submitted. Virtual Company Dossiers are standardized digital data packages used to prove qualification criteria of an economic operator in the procurement and contracting process. This is a major step towards pan-European public e-procurement, electronic data submission and interoperable data exchange which are main objectives of the Large Scale Pilot PEPPOL. The Austrian Federal Ministry of Finances (BMF) received the real-case VCD packages that have been created using the Austrian PEPPOL VCD system and the central European PEPPOL VCD system. Both systems have been developed by the beneficiary PEPPOL.AT as an implementation of PEPPOL specifications based on semantic technologies and the m2n Intelligence Management Framework.

First PEPPOL Virtual Company Dossier created, sent, and approved

Screenshots of the systems involved in the pilot cases

We are happy to be the first beneficiary having executed this type of real pilot case using PEPPOL technology, says Dr. Gerhard Popp, Head of PEPPOL.AT and Head of IT and Public Relations in the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance. Especially in the context of cross-border tenders we expect to gain confidence in the comparability of suitability evidences received from different countries when using the VCD in such cases.

Providing evidences as part of an offer, using the Austrian PEPPOL VCD system gives you the security of delivering current information to the contracting authority’s request. Furthermore it saved time to retrieve the evidences – like the business register certificate – as the Austrian PEPPOL VCD system has an online interface to common evidence issuing services, states Wolfgang Schneider, CEO of 42virtual Business Services GmbH that created one of the VCD packages. –More issuing services will be integrated with the Austrian PEPPOL VCD system during the next 12 months, mentions Silke Weiß, VCD Project Manager of PEPPOL.AT.

We congratulate the Austrian Ministry of Finance, m2n and 42virtual on having conducted these first real life VCD cases, says André Hoddevik, Project Director of PEPPOL. –Use of the PEPPOL VCD solutions makes it easier to validate the received evidences – in form of an interoperable electronic VCD package – with regard to the requested criteria of a contracting authority. –With this milestone reached and the first invoices transmitted through the PEPPOL infrastructure, we have taken important steps towards building the PEPPOL community, states Hoddevik.

About the stakeholders

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Finances is one of three partners in the Austrian PEPPOL beneficiary consortium PEPPOL.AT and also acts as pilot participant for VCD and eInvoicing pilot cases.

The Austrian Federal Computing Centre (BRZ) is also a beneficiary of PEPPOL.AT. The BRZ operates the PEPPOL European VCD System, the PEPPOL Austrian VCD System and also the PEPPOL post-award infrastructure.

m2n consulting and development gmbh is an innovative Austrian research and development company focused on high-end technologies in the areas of ontologies, formal modeling, logic, knowledge discovery and visualization.

42virtual Business Services Gmbh is a consulting company focusing on implementation of innovative ideas. 42virtual Business Services Gmbh also provides a web-based software product that supports the planning of public procurement projects.


The main technical components and key specifications used for enabling these transactions


To create the VCDs

  • PEPPOL European VCD system
  • PEPPOL Austrian VCD system


To support VCD creation process and document content:

  • PEPPOL WP2 VCD ontology
  • PEPPOL WP2 VCD schema v1.0
  • PEPPOL WP2 VCD package schema v1.0
  • OASIS Universal Business Language 2.0 xml-syntax


The Austrian PEPPOL VCD system is able to select and call the (IT-)services providing the needed data, efficiently orchestrate the necessary processes, collect the results and pack it into a VCD package following an internationally agreed upon semantic schema. In order to comply with the overall requirements of the international scope, the VCD system not only has to handle pan-European interoperability issues but has to show high flexibility concerning changes in the international technical and legal framework as well as in the national derivation of the underlying rule set.


Further information in German language about the PEPPOL VCD system can be found on the website


About the PEPPOL project

PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is a Large Scale Pilot project under the European Commission Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT-PSP).

Many EU countries use electronic procurement (eProcurement) to make bidding for and satisfying public sector contracts simpler and more efficient. However, these solutions are often implemented as isolated islands within Member States, with limited communication towards other eProcurement communities and cross Member State -borders. PEPPOL will enable the connection of existing eProcurement communities, which is essential to allow businesses to bid for public sector contracts anywhere in the EU: an important step towards achieving the Single European Market.


Further contacts

BMF: Silke Weiß, Project Manager, , +43 1 51433 505601.
PEPPOL: André Hoddevik, Project Director,, +47 913 97 587.

General queries on PEPPOL: Enrique Vich, PR Director,, +43 664 8216 840.


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