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Invinet Expands Opportunities for SMEs

by Enrique Vich created on 22/12/2011 09:10

Invinet sees a bright future for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) looking to expand their business with public organisations in Europe. By taking advantage of standardised process automation solutions that can be implemented easily over the PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online Project) infrastructure, Invinet believes European SMEs will be able to compete more effectively on a broader scale.


One of Invinet’s first international clients using its B2B Router is Eykur, a company working on a variety of eBusiness standardisation initiatives for businesses and governments in Denmark, Norway, Austria and Italy. Eykur's initial products consist of add-on solutions for eInvoicing that are easy to implement and enable ERP systems to generate messages according to PEPPOL specifications.  Additional solutions for logistics and payment will follow.


“eInvoicing has been adopted widely by larger businesses, but due to the lower volume of usage for SMEs, they have not been able to justify the cost,” said Georg Birgisson, CEO of Eykur.  “PEPPOL changes that, because companies like ours can now develop a standardised product that can be sold across Europe, bringing down our costs and those of our customers.  Now, everyone can enjoy the benefits that eBusiness brings.”


The Transaction

Until recently, Eykur has not been able to exchange eProcurement documents seamlessly with its business partners across Europe, resulting in unnecessary administrative work.  That has now changed. 

By connecting to the PEPPOL transport network through an Access Point managed by Invinet, Eykur is successfully exchanging invoices with the Italian Ministry of Finance for its consulting services.

To send an invoice to Italy, Eykur simply drops it into an electronic box, triggering the middleware system to locate the recipient information contained in the document.  Automatic delivery of the document follows immediately.

“We access PEPPOL through Invinet’s Access Point for two reasons,” said Birgisson.  “We’ve enjoyed a productive working relationship with them in the past, and we particularly like their folder dropping option, which is very simple to integrate into a company’s administrative operations.  Especially in the early stages of use, it is important that it is easy to connect and complete an operation, and Invinet makes that possible.”


The Way Forward

Most of the current customers of Invinet’s B2B Router service are located in Spain, using their B2B Router to connect their ERP systems to customers and suppliers using direct Internet connections.  Now, they can also connect to public administrations such as the government in Catalonia through their own platform, as well as to public administrations across Europe through a PEPPOL Access Point.

“We have begun communicating our PEPPOL capability to our customer base, and expect this will improve our business prospects significantly,” said Oriol Bausa, CEO of Invinet.  “PEPPOL is an important open network for enabling our customers to do business with governments across Europe, not just in individual countries.  We believe cross-border users will be the first to adopt our solution, followed by significant mid-term growth of the PEPPOL community in domestic markets.” 

Eykur’s ability to expand its activities throughout Europe is also boosted by PEPPOL.  While it began its efforts with eInvoicing, it sees further potential in other aspects of eBusiness, such as eOrdering and eCatologue.  In tandem with another development company in Iceland, it hopes to expand its distribution through existing service provider networks.


 “Standardisation is the key factor driving our business, with SMEs now looking seriously at the opportunity to improve their operations,” said Birgisson.  “Once they adopt eInvoicing and realise its benefits, we will see many more services coming to the marketplace.  The most likely initial beneficiaries are accounting firms, telecommunications companies and banks.”

“Since we all compete for customers across Europe based on the quality of our services, demonstrating the viability and flexibility of both PEPPOL and our B2B Router is an important achievement,” said Bausa.  “Private sector demand is already strong for electronic messaging, so now that businesses see that PEPPOL is successful and can be used also in B2B transactions, we expect to see PEPPOL grow in that market very quickly.”




About Invinet

Invinet is a Spanish company that established a PEPPOL Access Point in October of 2011.  Even though Spain is not a member of the PEPPOL consortium, Invinet saw the potential of PEPPOL and enhanced its B2B Router accordingly, used currently in Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Italy.  B2B Router creates channels to communicate from any ERP (enterprise resource planning) system to the ERP systems of its trading partners.  B2B Router allows the creation of direct peer-to-peer channels over the Internet using common IP protocols, and also four-corner connections through the PEPPOL infrastructure to reach public administrations around Europe.



Oriol Bausa, CEO, Invinet




About Eykur

Eykur is a small consulting company based in Iceland that specialises in the design and project management of technology solutions for businesses.  Working with public and private organisations throughout Europe, it seeks to improve the business performance of its clients by automating business processes and implementing electronic messaging in the procurement chain, transport chain and payment handling.  By bringing the advantages of ERP systems to smaller businesses at an affordable price, it hopes to free SMEs from the burden of internal processes in order to compete more effectively against companies with greater resources.



Georg Birgisson, CEO Eykur



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