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Implementation and Support Unit (ISU) helps organisations to get started with PEPPOL

by Enrique Vich created on 17/02/2012 11:25

The Pilot Implementation and Support Unit of PEPPOL (ISU) has been established as a dedicated, professional support team available to assist those who are already implementing PEPPOL and running pilots, as well as those who are willing to connect.

ISU can help pilot organizations capture their requirements and define their needs as a first step. Thereafter, ISU can support them in the technical assessment of PEPPOL specifications, components and solutions that are available to be re-used, as well as in the planning of their pilot projects. ISU can keep supporting pilot execution and monitoring the progress achieved.

ISU focuses on the following tasks along a pilot project lifecycle from initial recruitment to full enablement and running operations in a production environment:
•    Identifying prospects and obtaining commitment to implement PEPPOL.
•    Enabling the onboarding of pilot participants by supporting the planning of pilot projects, the design of technical solutions, the setting up and testing of the infrastructure and ultimately the process of going to live production.
•    Pilot monitoring, support and evaluation.

ISU provides highly skilled professional technical support based on a structured and well organised implementation of processes, methods and tools for technical support along the pilot lifecycle. ISU also provides comprehensive information about the PEPPOL specifications and components that can be used by pilots, feedback to the maintenance teams, a coordinated rollout for improvements and new releases, a one-stop mechanism to enable knowledge transfer as well as technical qualification and support to build business cases for new pilots.

Key objectives in this context are to support pilot execution and address pilot requests, capture and monitor implementation gaps and support needs, share knowledge, best practice and expertise, making each pilot a success.

ISU offers a fast-track lane for pilots, dedicated assistance in coordination, and troubleshooting in order to ensure focus, timeliness and progression in the pilot projects. Upon request, this end-to-end assistance can be offered to pilots selected by the PEPPOL consortium to be showcased and to promote best practices in PEPPOL implementations.

In order to receive more information about ISU and to request assistance in your piloting efforts, please visit

Enrique Vich, PR and Recruitment Director at PEPPOL, enrique.vich(@) (Ministry of Finance, Austria)

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