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Progress Plan

A progress plan functions as the guideline to enlarge the PEPPOL community:

  1. READY: Since May 2010, basic PEPPOL components and services are in place for a limited number of invited test pilot participants.
  2. PROVEN: Until mid 2011, a growing number of production pilots create an integrated community between PEPPOL consortium members, using PEPPOL to perform real business. Recruitment of further pilot participants evolves.
  3. IN USE: By the end of 2011, a substantial number of pilots will conduct live business transactions via PEPPOL.
  4. ESTABLISHED: By mid 2012, the PEPPOL community will expand beyond the users recruited by PEPPOL through commercial market driven adoption.
  5. UNIVERSAL: After mid 2012, a critical mass of adoption sees PEPPOL used by a majority of eProcurement communities across Europe. The long-term EU-wide goal is to use PEPPOL for live business transactions.
The mass adoption of pre-award (eTendering/eSourcing) related components will lag slightly behind this rollout due to a dependency on the public sectors schedule for automating public tenders.
PEPPOL’s progress is being closely monitored to keep track on results achieved.
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