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Current Status

The PEPPOL project has completed the documentation of best practice content standards and common business processes. In 2010, an open exchange infrastructure was established and tested across Europe.
In November 2010, PEPPOL began its pilot production phase. This includes full operational use of PEPPOL solutions, with submissions to actual tenders and the exchange of catalogues, orders and invoices between pilot participants.
In its initial production pilot stage, PEPPOL comprised of 8 contracting authorities and 7 suppliers, focusing on the healthcare sector, and moving into production use for eCatalogues, eOrdering and eInvoicing (post-award). In addition, 13 contracting authorities planned to introduce PEPPOL services into forthcoming tenders (pre-award). Together, these pilots cover 12 European countries and include the European Commission itself.
PEPPOL is currently:
  • recruiting additional contracting authorities and their suppliers,
  • assisting in expanding the scope of those already in the production phase and
  • additionally recruiting other eProcurement communities.
To support this, information about members of the expanding PEPPOL community will regularly published on the PEPPOL website. Following the completion of the pilot phase in 2011, the platform will reach full commercial use in 2012.
If you would like to receive more information please contact us. Alternatively, you are welcome to register for PEPPOL by filling out the Registration Form and indicating your interest to set up a pilot.


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