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User Stories


The current pilot production phase makes full operational use of PEPPOL solutions possible. This includes: submission of tenders and the exchange of catalogues, orders and invoices between pilot participants.




1. Supplier perspective on the challenges of eInvoicing with the public sector

30 Juli 2012 - In an interview with PEPPOL, PerkinElmer sheds light on the market issues that suppliers face when adopting eInvoicing and how PEPPOL can address some of their challenges. (Read more...)


2. PEPPOL implementations in Italy

1 June 2012 - An increasing number of PEPPOL pilot scenarios have been completed by a variety of Italian public and private organisations, fostering adoption of the next generation of interoperable eProcurement solutions. (Read more)


3. Scottish Government reduces barriers for doing business with Europe

22 May 2012 - Scotland’s highly regarded public sector eCommerce service aligns with PEPPOL. Facilitated by Amor Group, Scotland’s largest business technology solutions company (, a PEPPOL eOrdering solution is under development (Read more...

4. The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation Joins PEPPOL

17 April 2012 - The Norwegian broadcasting corporation (NRK) is getting ready to exchange cross-border eInvoices using the PEPPOL transport infrastructure and has already tested it with national suppliers (Read more...)  

5. PEPPOL Standards available for Italian eProcurement

15 March 2012 - Consip and MEF, the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, have integrated PEPPOL eCatalogue and eOrdering components in their eProcurement platform “Acquistinrete”, accessible by some 25.000 Italian Contracting Authorities for their purchases of supplies and services (Read more...)


6. Development of PEPPOL Access Points Gains Momentum

29 February 2012 - The easy availability of Access Points and related services is a critical step that simplifies and accelerates adoption of PEPPOL’s electronic procurement solutions across Europe (Read more...)


7. Invinet Expands Opportunities for SMEs

28 December 2011 - Invinet sees a bright future for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) looking to expand their business with public organisations in Europe. By taking advantage of standardised process automation solutions that can be implemented easily over the PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online Project) infrastructure, Invinet believes European SMEs will be able to compete more effectively on a broader scale (Read more...)


8. Intercent-ER and Gruppo Tesi establish the first two PEPPOL nodes in Italy

29 August 2011 - First public and private PEPPOL nodes up and running in Italy


9. Bergen Hospital Trust in Norway receives first invoice from Finland

26 May 2011 - First PEPPOL invoice received by the Norwegian public sector


10. British Telecom sends invoices to DIGIT over PEPPOL using ePrior

17 May 2011 - PEPPOL and the European Commission record the first electronic transaction in production


11. Austrian Federal Ministry of Finances receives VCDs

18 May 2011 - First PEPPOL Virtual Company Dossier created, sent and approved


12. Alfa1Lab sends first invoice to Swedish National Financial Management Authority

1 March 2011 - First PEPPOL invoice sent, received, approved and paid


13. Difi and Unizeto exchange eSignatures

17 February 2011 - Electronically signed agreement on eSignature

By the end of 2011, a significant number of pilots will be performing business through PEPPOL.


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