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Taking advantage of PEPPOL’s implementation experts, contracting authorities, economic operators and ICT vendors across borders in the EU can now set up a pilot project. Not only does this prepare organisations for widespread use of the PEPPOL platform, but participants will also realise significant cost and time savings immediately. PEPPOL also provides:

  • Specifications
  • Central infrastructure
  • Open source software
  • Reference implementations
  • Common legal framework
  • Hands-on workshops and support

A dedicated team supports organisations in the implementation of pilot projects. Activities include a 1-day kick-off workshop to gain a better understanding of the project and to review the PEPPOL requirements with the pilot group. The support service focuses on how to perform the pilot, tests needed, scope, expected benefits, evaluation criteria, roles, responsibilities and schedule of activities.


As a rule, a PEPPOL pilot project must facilitate trade between contracting authorities as buyers and one or more economic operators as suppliers. In addition, they may be supported by different technology solutions or service providers. The pilot can operate across national or regional borders in Europe, and connect different existing eProcurement communities using the PEPPOL technology. 


The support for pilot projects will be available until the end of April 2012, at which time PEPPOL will open up for full commercial use.


If you would like to receive more information please contact us.


Alternatively, you are welcome to register for PEPPOL by filling out the Registration Form and indicating your interest to set up a pilot.


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