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ICT Industry


The ICT (Information and Communications Technology) sector represents approximately Euro 670 billion - or 5.6% - of the EU’s GDP, and 5.3% of total employment. It will play a key role in various aspects of implementing the PEPPOL’s infrastructure. IT service providers, software suppliers, as well as procurement platform operators will assist contracting authorities and suppliers with the technical and legal requirements of connecting to the PEPPOL network and, ultimately, to each other.


In the ICT industry, a respective ICT solution or service provider in the PEPPOL context provides software or services to support the PEPPOL technology.


These support services will include:

  • Exchange of procurement documents between public entities and suppliers

  • Connection to eProcurement communities through access points

  • Digital signatures and verification

  • Document content validation

  • Data conversion from source to target format

  • Archiving data on behalf of users

  • Lifecycle management of technology, processes and documents for business users

  • External process optimisation for business users

As operators of PEPPOL’s electronic transport network, service providers supply the infrastructure components that connect government authorities and their suppliers to PEPPOL’s international backbone. With such a standardised solution, service providers will no longer have to resort to point-to-point connections for each situation, which is the norm today. IT software suppliers will enable contracting authorities and their suppliers to implement the PEPPOL components and connect to PEPPOL’s transport infrastructure.

As the sector most likely to use eProcurement for public tenders today, ICT solutions and service providers (and other industry sectors in future) will realise further efficiency gains and cost savings as more contracting authorities move to eProcurement. Those firms working with PEPPOL will also be presented with a number of business opportunities:

  • Widespread PEPPOL adoption will create significant additional demand for more advanced IT services and more service transactions

  • First movers will gain valuable experience with PEPPOL standards and will have an advantage in securing early implementation contracts

  • Expertise in PEPPOL standards will add capabilities to their portfolio of offerings

Once connected to a PEPPOL Access Point, suppliers and public authorities can communicate with everyone within the PEPPOL network. As ICT companies scale up their efforts to connect existing procurement communities electronically, the web of interconnected communities will grow. A more efficient business climate throughout the EU will be the result.


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