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eProcurement Community


As PEPPOL pilot participants, the different members of these 3 user groups together form an eProcurement community:

  • An eProcurement community is defined as a group of organisations (buyers, suppliers) which use the same IT solution with a common set of electronic procedures for all aspects of the procurement process.
  • An eProcurement community can be based around a public entity (contracting authority), an enterprise (supplier of a contracting authority), or an ICT vendor.
PEPPOL aims to establish interoperability among such eProcurement communities across Europe.
EU contracting authorities, their suppliers, including small and medium-sized businesses, and the ICT industry are encouraged to participate in the PEPPOL project. In doing so, the user groups and the communities they have established can influence the ongoing development of the eProcurement standards and ensure widespread adoption.
Joining PEPPOL means boosting innovation and strengthening competitiveness across the EU. The immediate benefits for PEPPOL participants are a wider market presence and significant cost savings.


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