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Economic Operators


Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play a key role in the European economy. Recognising this, the European Commission is committed to expanding the market opportunities for SMEs. While the PEPPOL infrastructure is open for all types of economic operators from any sector, a key focus of the project is to attract SMEs.


An economic operator in the PEPPOL context means a company which supplies goods and/or services to contracting authorities in the EU.


SMEs typically lack the resources necessary to automate administrative functions. Moreover, the disparity in data formats for electronic documents in different countries prevents them from pursuing potential business opportunities. Introducing the PEPPOL standards will alleviate these problems by encouraging the market to develop lower cost ICT solutions based on only one set of standards.

By breaking down barriers to allow seamless electronic communication across borders and communities, PEPPOL offers significant benefits to suppliers wishing to trade with the public sector:

  • Improved access to tenders across borders increases business potential

  • Greater transparency increases public accountability

  • Automated procurement speeds up administrative activities and reduces costs

  • Electronic communication results in immediate processing of invoices and improved cash flow

  • Once connected to PEPPOL’s network, suppliers can communicate easily to everyone within the PEPPOL community – thereby enhancing efficiency and business prospects


PEPPOL makes it easy for suppliers to do business with public authorities! With the widespread adoption of eProcurement, the interconnection of businesses across the EU will produce greater opportunities and improved economies of scale. 

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