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National Information

The European Union has expressed its political will to make significant progress in public procurement in order to improve its efficiency.
Thus, the Manchester Ministerial Declaration set out the objectives on November 24th , 2005: "By 2010, all European administrations should be able to conduct all their procurement online, and at least half of their procurement above the European authorized level will have to be done online. "

Recognising that many countries and regions have developed or are developing platforms for dematerialised markets, the European Commission launched a call for projects to solve problems of interoperability between national solutions in light of existing standards or the ones in preparation. National administrations in charge of European public procurement jointly responded to this call for proposals ICT PSP with the creation of the PEPPOL consortium.

To meet these challenges, PEPPOL provides a secure European infrastructure, with a proven interoperability base for all operators of services to connect their applications via PEPPOL Access Points. These Access Points allow operators to easily connect their applications and services to locate suppliers of a contracting authority in another country, to use the services of a remote operator or to transmit data easily to another organisation in the network PEPPOL.

The technical challenges are equally important. PEPPOL overcomes the regulatory differences between Member States.

For example, for a trader to facilitate the electronic submission of documents for of a tender where the contracting authority is located in another country, PEPPOL provides the means to submit an application using a Virtual Corporate VCD (Virtual Company Dossier/File) that from a single repository allows to simplify the exchange of administrative documents and certificates from different Member States.

To build trust, the PEPPOL infrastructure also allows a contracting authority to ensure the validity of an electronic certificate of a trader, issued by a foreign certification authority. PEPPOL aims to ensure the interoperability of public procurement in the "pre-award" and “post-award” phases of the tender.

PEPPOL can process electronic data for Catalogue, Billing and Invoicing. To interconnect applications, PEPPOL provides an open infrastructure with secure components developed with open source software.

The transport infrastructure is secured by the use of certificates to authenticate services and applications. PEPPOL infrastructure allows the transport, transformation and validation of transactions compliant to the rules of CEN / BII and international standards UBL and UN-CEFACT.


National favorable context:
Several years ago, the French government launched a vast modernization of the state.
For public accounting, the French state has chosen a single system CHORUS that manages all business applications. With four million invoices per year, the electronic invoice is a considerable challenge for CHORUS.

CHORUS will soon be equipped with a concentrator capable of processing all incoming invoice flows. In this context, it was requested that the hub is compliant with PEPPOL standards.

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