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National Information

The eProcurement strategy in Denmark is to provide the national NemHandel eProcurement infrastructure to Danish economic operators who wish to trade with the public sector or the government in Denmark. The NemHandel infrastructure is also integrated and a part of the PEPPOL project infrastructure through the PEPPOL Access Point operated by Digitaliseringsstyrelsen. Today all public and government organisations (34,000 by 1st Dec. 2011) are using NemHandel, and this means that those 34,000 organisations are now reachable for all businesses connected to the PEPPOL infrastructure. The economic operators that are connected to the PEPPOL infrastructure through NemHandel consist of more than 125,000 private companies. In Denmark, the Government provides the eProcurement infrastructure, allowing the private market to use it in order to build innovative solutions, resulting in growth, through a rapid increase of players in the market.

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