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Project Partners

11 European countries are working together with the European Commission on the PEPPOL project to open a cross-border eProcurement market by 2012.

As such, PEPPOL is part of the European Commission‘s Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme’s ICT Policy Support Programme. All activities are funded jointly by individual member states and the European Commission. A consortium of 18 project partners in 11 countries - Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom - is the driving force behind PEPPOL.

To fully implement PEPPOL, the project partners are developing agreements and standards for the exchange of business information between contracting authorities and their suppliers.

The project partners are also investing into aligning national systems, standards and legislations with the common European standards. By linking existing national systems of electronic public procurement all participants will enjoy the full benefits of a single European market.

Find your project partner and contact person by clicking on your country in the left-hand side navigation.

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