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Organisational Structure


The structure of OpenPEPPOL consists of the following units and bodies:


The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme power of the Association. It holds all the powers that are expressly reserved by law, and that are not devolved to the Managing Committee by the current Statutes, except for powers of representation.

The General Assembly has the power to: alter the Statutes; elect or dismiss the Secretary General, Members of the Managing Committee and the Auditor; establish or dissolve Coordinating Communities; approve a broad programme of activities and initiatives for the forthcoming years to further the purposes of the Association; approve a budget and sources of funding including the setting of a subscription fee or range of fees for the forthcoming year; approve the accounts of the previous fiscal year; disqualify any Member; dissolve the Association; electing and appointing the Secretary General; electing and appointing the members of the Managing Committee, except those elected and appointed by the Coordinating Communities.

All OpenPEPPOL Members that form the General Assembly are also Members of at least one Coordinating Community.


The Coordinating Communities

The OpenPEPPOL Coordinating Communities are as follows:

  • OpenPEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Coordinating Community
  • OpenPEPPOL post-award Coordinating Community
  • OpenPEPPOL eSignature Coordinating Community
  • OpenPEPPOL pre-award Coordinating Community


The Managing Committee

The Managing Committee acts as a board and is composed entirely of OpenPEPPOL Member representatives. The committee is composed of the Secretary General and one representative of each Coordinating Community, as a minimum.


The OpenPEPPOL Secretary General is the highest authority of the Association between General Assemblies. The Secretary General is elected by the General Assembly. The Secretary General may stand for more than one term of office. The Secretary General promotes the purposes of the association and implements the decisions of the General Assembly and the Managing Committee.


The OpenPEPPOL Operating Office assists the Secretary General in executive tasks.

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